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Senior Full Stack Software Engineer — Javascript — Berlin

Why Serve static files using Express?

How to serve static files in Express.js

express.static(root, [options])

What is Express


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How to use self hosted fonts in Next.js?

Choosing the right font

Convert fonts to ttf, eot, woff, woff2



1- Git clone

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How can we use SVG as ReactComponent inside Nextjs & React?

How to use SVG’s in Next.js?


npx create-next-app tailwind-demo
cd tailwind-demo
yarn add tailwindcss yarn add -D postcss postcss-preset-env


  • tailwind.config.js
  • postcss.config.js

npx create-next-app your-app-name

Install required libraries for Typescript support

// with Npm
npm install -D typescript @types/react @types/node
// with Yarn
yarn add — dev typescript @types/react @types/node

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